From June 2017, Drachten has a new ‘De Stijl’-icon: museum house the ‘Van Doesburg-Rinsemahuis’. The ‘Van Doesburg-Rinsemahuis’ is regarded as one of the headliners from the work of the founder of the art style ‘De Stijl’, Theo van Doesburg.

Van Doesburg realized his first big assignment in Drachten: the color design for 16 middle-class residencies in 1921. One of these homes is currently being renovated to its original state, both inside and outside. Experience a real three dimensional ‘De Stijl’-painting and discover that a 100 year old home still looks incredibly modern.

About the app
The virtual reality app VDRH (Van Doesburg-Rinsemahouse) gives you a virtual look behind the scenes. The app is for Android phones and iPhones and is available free of charge in any app store. With the ‘Van Doesburg-Rinsemahuis’ VR experience, you can already get a virtual taste of the ‘De Stijl’-painting at the Torenstraat 3 in Drachten. Wander through the house in VR and explore the different rooms.