Museum Dr8888 is one of the leading museums of modern art in the Northern Netherlands and has a special (inter) national collection with works by, among others, Theo van Doesburg, Kurt Schwitters and Thijs Rinsema. These artists represented  the international avant-garde movements Dadaism and De Stijl in Drachten.

Museum Dr8888 is located in the former Franciscan Monastery right in the center of Drachten. The collection of the museum provides its visitors with an interesting overview of the visual arts from the early twentieth century, with an emphasis on the works created in between the two world wars, a period often called the Interbellum. 

The core collection of the museum includes several masterpieces of Theo Van Doesburg, and several other works of the German Dadaist Kurt Schwitters. In 2013 the author K. Schippers generously donated the entirety of his Holland-Dada archives to Museum Dr8888. Two original artworks by Man Ray are located within this collection. The museum has also many works by Ploeg-artist H. N. Werkman for long-term loan periods, thus truly making this the main Interbellum of the North of the Netherlands.