Van Doesburg-Rinsemahouse: A Museum house in Drachten
Theo Van Doesburg, the leader of the De Stijl movement, has left his mark on Drachten, most notably in the so-called Parrot District: a small neighbourhood of middle-class housing and a school building located in the center of Drachten. In this house people are introduced to the original exterior and interior dating from 1921, deducted from the original colour schemes designed by Theo Van Doesburg. This house will be serving as a museum home from july 2018 onwards and provides a good impression of the influence of De Stijl on both the exterior and interior of buildings.

Latest news
May 17, 2018
From July 1st 2018 the Museum Residence Van Doesburg-Rinsemahouse will open its doors. More information about tours and visiting hours will follow soon.

Renovated salon Museum Residence Van Doesburg-Rinsemahouse. Photo Museum Dr8888

Van Doesburg-Rinsemahouse
In Drachten Van Doesburg worked on his first major assignment: the color schemes for 16 middle class residences in 1921. One of these residences is currently, after extensive historical and architectural research, being returned to its original state in both its interior and exterior. The Van Doesburg-Rinsemahouse is (inter)nationally recognized as a popular attraction and one of the highlights of the oeuvre of the found of the De Stijl-movement.