Beyond Dada and De Stijl
22 July- 30 September 2018
From July 22nd 2018 the exhibition Beyond Dada and De Stijl Part II was on display in Museum Dr8888. Which artists are inspired by Dada, but with contemporary images and techniques? In Beyond Dada and De Stijl Part II the emphasis is on typography, reuse and humor. What is at least clear is that Dada lives like never before. 

De Stijl in Strasbourg
22 April-8 July 2018
The exhibition De Stijl in Strasbourg focused on the Aubette and other designs Theo van Doesburg made. Van Doesburg was able to realise his ideas about colour in architecture on a large scale: this is also why the Aubette has been nicknamed the Sistine Chapel of Modernism. 

Child of Mondrian: Siep van den Berg
22 April-8 July 2018
Museum Dr8888 presented a retrospective exhibition of the Frisian artist Siep van den Berg. His style developed from naturalism to cubism by way of impressionism, and would ultimately land at constructivism, all the while being heavily influenced by De Stijl. This exhibition, dedicated to the self-proclaimed “Mondrian’s Child,” will occur simultaneously with the 100 year anniversary of De Ploeg.

The Power of Cardboard- Exhibition Jan Reinder Adema
22 April-8 July 2018
Jan Reinder Adema is one of the few artists who uses corrugated cardboard as their main medium. He is primarily inspired by nature, through which themes such as trees and landscapes (both local and international, and in particular Asian) are reduced to elements.

This exhibition has been made possible through close collaboration with Sjoerd de Vries and Jan Reinder Adema himself.

Beyond Dada and De Stijl Part I
January 27 – April 8 2018
In 2017 Museum Dr8888 participated in the nation-wide celebration of 100 years of De Stijl. The founding fathers of the movement were central in the events and exhibitions that year, and in 2018 Museum Dr8888 will shift its focus to the successors of De Stijl. The exhibition Beyond Dada and De Stijl Part I displayed the work of artists ranging from the 1950s till now. 

De Stijl and expressionism in the tropics: Sandberg, Rietveld, Chris and Lucila Engels on Curaçao
July 9 – September 17 2017
Exhibition of the projects that Gerrit Rietveld undertook on Curacao. In addition, an extensive selection of works from the collection of the artist couple Chris and Lucila Engels were on display.

De Stijl in Drachten: Theo van Doesburg, colour in architecture
April 16 – June 25 2017
From April 16 2017 Museum Drachten presents the exhibition De Stijl in Drachten: Theo van Doesburg, colour in architecture. This exhibition includes color design, stained glass windows, paintings and poetry by artists including Theo van Doesburg, Thijs Rinsema and Evert Rinsema. The majority of the designs by Theo van Doesburg in Drachten can be seen together for the first time here.

César Domela, De Stijl in art and typography
January 29 – 2 April 2017
César Domela Nieuwenhuis was a Dutch painter, graphic artist, typographer and member of the art movement De Stijl. A representative cross section of works of this creative jack-of-all-trades is shown in Museum Dr8888.

Daan & Daan
October 2 > January 15 2017

The exhibition Daan & Daan features work by contemporary artists Daan Ekkel en Daan Levy. Both artists were inspired by Dada and show contemporary Dada-art, both in the museum and in the museum garden.

Kurt Schwitters in Friesland
October 2 – January 15 2017

The exhibition Kurt Schwitters in Friesland, by contemporary artist Marlies Mulders, shows Dada-collages made on aerial photographs of Friesland in the 80’s.

Holland Dada and the International Context
October 2 > January 15 2017
The Dada-exhibition includes masterpieces from artists like Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Theo van Doesburg and Kurt Schwitters. The exhibition  consists of different chapters that correspond with different cities which were significant to the DADA movement. 

*The exhibition is extended in summary form

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