March 9 – November 3 2019
Over the past 25 years, the museum has managed – with great passion and dedication – to bring together a special and varied collection of top works: from avant-garde art movements from the interwar period and post-war expressionism to cultural-historical objects that refer to the rich history of Smallingerland. In 2019, the core collection – De Stijl and Dada, with artists such as Thijs Rinsema, Theo van Doesburg and Kurt Schwitters – will continue to receive attention, but we also want to exhibit objects that are displayed less frequently. During the exhibition Letterlust, Beeldlust, Wanderlust: Icons of the North, from 9 March to 3 November 2019, we will be paying attention to artists such as S.H. de Roos, Pier Pander and Jacobus Craandijk.