De Stijl and expressionism in the tropics: Sandberg, Rietveld, Chris and Lucila Engels on Curaçao
July 9 – September 17 2017

Exhibition of the projects that Gerrit Rietveld undertook on Curacao. Among other things, he co-designed the interior of Villa Stroomzigt and a home for disabled children. In addition, an extensive selection of works from the collection of the artist couple Chris and Lucila Engels will be on display.  Chris Engels  was very important as  founder of the museum in Curacao, and both he and his wife were  talented artists. Chris Engels was a doctor, artist, composer and poet. Lucila, beside her activities as an artist,  was also a teacher. Their consultant Willem Sandberg was at that time director of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Both Chris and Lucila were given an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in the nineteen fifties. Chris and Lucila painted mostly in an expressionistic style. Their 18th century villa was furnished with modern design furniture and wall paintings. The central staircase was designed by Rietveld. He also designed the bedroom of their daughter Verele. In addition to a selection of their work, also sketches by Rietveld will be shown. The exhibition is combined with works by artists and friends of Engels like Charles Eyck and Dolf Henkes. 

In this exhibition two films are on view about Rietveld: One made in 1991 by Hank Onrust titled De weelde van de soberheid ( The luxury of sobriety) VPRO and a film from Bertus Mulder made in 2017 with the title Bijzondere beelden van het Rietveld Schröderhuis (exceptional images of the Rietveld Schröderhouse).
This exhibition is organized in collaboration Foundation MoMAC, RCE, Verele Engels, Jan de Heer, Fenny Vlietstra, Hans Arends, Ron Smit, Julie Hengeveld, Jennifer Smit, John van Geffen and Erik Hammerstein.

Theme year Mondrian tot Dutch Design
During the theme year Museum Dr8888 hosts four large exhibitions in which De Stijl in the main focus.